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In what other hobby can you spend pittance and travel the country in a perpetual Easter Egg Hunt? The Rock Hobby has something for everybody at any time. And when you tire of one thing, the Rock Hobby gives you something else to enjoy.

Do you like combing beaches for a translucent stone that glows when you hold it up to the sun? In the Rock Hobby, you can polish your finds to golden, blue, and clear orbs that can sit on your shelves, stand collected in jars, or shimmer in a fountain.

Do you like hunting and then digging out of the ground globe-like thundereggs that hold a different picture in each when sawed in half? In the Rock Hobby, you can easily build your own high-speed sander and polisher to bring out the hidden shine that makes the thunderegg's picture glisten. Do you like shaping the hundreds of different types of geological material - jaspers, agates, quartz, and more - into ovals, squares, and crosses to show or place in a belt buckle, on a necklace, or earring? Oregon Agate has renowned cabochon artists you can learn from.

If you like making jewelry out of precious stones; if you like faceting gemstones; or if you just like getting down and dirty, digging for buried treasure, the Rock Hobby is for you. And when you tire of cutting and polishing thundereggs, you can make cabochons. When you've filled your walls with trophies from cabochon competition, you can cut and polish petrified wood. And when your wood pile can hold no more, you can make jewelry to keep and give to family and friends. They will always enjoy a gift of a brilliant, colorful, or picturesque stone formed over millions of years and made by your hand.

Rock Hunting at Richardson's Ranch

Visit us at Oregon Agate. Come see what we're doing. Join. And maybe you'll be inspired with a discovery yourself and see why.

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